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“Do you want to drop acid with us?” he asked, and I shrugged.

Ever since I got my genetic test results that said no ADHD medication was ever going to help me because my body treated most of the “fun” drugs as inert matter, the way most people’s bodies treat poorly masticated corn kernels (yes, I went there), I’d been game for almost anything, just to see how accurate those tests really were.

Yes, that’s how monumentally good a Good Girl I’d been until then— I’d never tried anything, so I had no idea I was “immune.” I must have…

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I’ve made a lot of assumptions with that title, I know. Most of all, I’m assuming that:

  • you’ve made it into adulthood without developing emotional literacy (extremely likely if you grew up with the customary mindset of Western capitalism)
  • you’re actually aware of that fact (most of us, surrounded by other emotionally illiterate people and submerged in a culture that encourages us to stay that way, never notice anything being amiss)
  • you’d like to learn (if you’re in enough pain, you might)
  • you’re willing to make the Herculean effort required (unlikely, but let’s say you’re desperate enough to try)


I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful you’re reading this.

There’s a saying in therapy that you cannot help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, so I’m glad that we’re both here today, looking for answers. I don’t claim to have any, but all journeys — especially the painful ones — are more fun with company, so thank you for taking this one with me.

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Growth hurts.

Being stuck was uncomfortable, but what I didn’t realize when I set out to overcome my tendency to distract myself from whatever I wanted to be doing was that it was keeping me safe.


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Don’t listen to a word I say, I clearly have no clue.

Just yesterday — a gift of a day, cheerfully sunny under a crisp blue, wind-swept sky— I sat in my car, bawling my eyes out and thinking of all the ways I could kill myself that would produce the least amount of mess. (I’m a considerate suicide.)

It all started with an idea. I was going to write about how to beat procrastination for good. Because there is a way that actually works, it’s just… hard. …

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Here’s a blasphemous statement for you: The experts got it wrong. That’s why every article on how to stop procrastinating starts with the word “finally,” and no trick they offer seems to work.

You tell yourself it’s because you never stick to them long-term. They’re like New Year’s resolutions, recklessly made and soon abandoned. If you only could tough it out a little longer, you’re sure they would have worked wonders.

If that sounds familiar, if those are the thoughts running through your head every time the ghosts of good habits you never formed come to haunt you, then let…

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